Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Milky pictures

With my first, I really regretted not having any pictures of him nursing. It sounds weird to some, but with that time of your relationship together being so short, the memories can fade with time.  I was so thankful when we were taking a beach trip with our good friend Mandi McDougall ,she captured some of our nursing moments.

I wanted to share our intimate pictures not only because they are beautiful, but also to encourage all the mama's out there to take a few nursing pictures. It might seem weird at first, but just do it! You'll thank yourself later! Just promise yourself not to drag the pictures out when your "baby" brings home a date ;)


Kim said...

Beautiful! I have quite a few pictures of my girls nursing from my point of view, just because they both make/made silly faces when they nursed. I need some gorgeous pics like these!

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