Wednesday, September 28, 2011

giant baby clothes

We struggle with clothes in this house. The giant baby is not only giant, but with cloth diapers comes the fluffy butt. It is getting cold around here which is really nice for people like me who sweat constantly! The cooler weather is nice, I can wear spring clothes and get away with it. The giant baby, however giant, is still a baby. He needs to wear clothes. He prefers not to wear clothes. I don't blame him, but people judge. Shirts are fine, we can get away with big shirts and roll up the sleves a bit. Pants are the challenge, either the waist is WAY too small, or the legs are WAY too long. Not only does the giant baby have a pretty cute big belly, but his legs are kinda short ;)

So what do we do? Baby legs, baby crawlers, baby knees, whatever you want to call them, are good for giant babies, but aren't always appropriate for the weather. Right now they are okay, but when its snowing...

Pants, we like "man-pri's" the pants that roll up and button. They allow for a bigger size, and fit just right, but are hard to find. Sweat pants are okay. Lets face it, okay, not cute.

The hubs and I were on a date and went to Target. Don't judge, its nice to go to the store without whining children :D We found some cute shorts in a bigger size, 2T to be exact. They are long enough to be pants-ish. I haven't tried them on yet, but this may be our solution.

I think I also need to hem some of big brothers hand me down pants.

If you have a giant baby how do you cloth your baby during the colder weather?


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