Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza!

I am going to be hosting a Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza November 22-28th!

I have two sponsors so far and I am looking for more! The more sponsors the bigger the event! THIS is going to be awesome! I cant wait and I KNOW you will love it!

Spread the word so we can make this a BIG event!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Brother

Big Brother is 6 today!

6 years ago big brother was born, via c-section after 11 hours of labor. My doctor decided since I had only progressed to 4 cm, it wasnt fast enough. Big brother's heart rate was dipping with my contractions, so they decided it was time to deliver. I was not happy. In fact I freaked out and asked to be sedated. The doc did a light sedation and I was able to be awake, though I dont remember anything. Sadly. Big brother was a little blue when he was born and a little sleepy but was breathing on his own.

After I came to, we met for the first time. I was not sure if I would breastfeed, but I had been comited to trying it out. As soon as I held my baby I just knew it was meant to be.

He was a mama's boy from the start, fussing when other people tried to sooth him.
He has always been social, happy around people, hamming it up for strangers and church friends.
He is charming and persistant, this is great and not so good ;)
He knows what he wants and wont stop till he gets it! He has always been this way, from birth!
He is funny, sometimes when he's trying to be serious, most of the time when he's silly.
He has a lot of drama he just has to let out whether you like it or not.
He is sweet and caring.
He loves animals. All of them, except spiders.

I love my baby, no matter how big he is.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Milky pictures

With my first, I really regretted not having any pictures of him nursing. It sounds weird to some, but with that time of your relationship together being so short, the memories can fade with time.  I was so thankful when we were taking a beach trip with our good friend Mandi McDougall ,she captured some of our nursing moments.

I wanted to share our intimate pictures not only because they are beautiful, but also to encourage all the mama's out there to take a few nursing pictures. It might seem weird at first, but just do it! You'll thank yourself later! Just promise yourself not to drag the pictures out when your "baby" brings home a date ;)

Monday, October 17, 2011

nipping nurser

Since the giant baby has been sick and teething he has been nipping or BITING while nursing! YEOWCH! Besides the obvious "no bite" statement and prying him off. The nipping doesnt seem to phase him. If I put him down and tell him he's all done, no more nurse. You know the drill, he screams, crys, stomps his feet, and has a royal meltdown. Im pretty sure its because of the teething because he doesnt always know that he's doing it.

The simple answer here that EVERYONE seems to express to me solicited or not, "just quit nursing." I wanted to blog about this problem because I KNOW that Im not the only mama to go through this painful stage.

The not so simple answer to "just quit nursing" with nipping nursers:

1) First, you cant just stop! Not only would that be painful for mama with an established milk supply. That could lead to mastitis, a painful breast infection. Clogged milk ducts, painful lumps caused by backed up milk. Lets not forget engorged breasts, painful big boobies full of milk! IF you have been lucky enough not to have any of the first two problems, just recall how painful it was when you first got your milk in. If you stop nursing cold turkey, that lovely feeling will likely return.

2) More importantly, quitting nursing cold turkey would be extremely confusing and traumatic to an established nurser. The giant baby has a few favorite things, his blankie, binky, and nursing. Just as if you were to cold turkey take away any of those he would be confused and least but most annoying, TICKED!

3) Established nursers tend not to partake of other milk at just over a year. The giant baby is 13 months old. Another point, the giant baby doesnt tolerate or like milk much. He will drink milk from left over cereal bowls of his brother and daddy, but he later spits up. Ne NEVER spits up otherwise.

4) Established nursers may not take a bottle! The giant baby barely ever took a bottle. He figured it out very early on that if he held out long enough, I came to rescue him. Eventually he just refused it all together. He hated breast milk in a bottle. My hubs claimed he would even look around for me. It was extremely frustrating to waste a whole bottle full of breast milk, so we switched to formula thinking that at least it wasnt my hard work being poured down the drain. He treated the formula like "poison" and refused it. I dont blame him, but still! He drinks fabulously from a soft spout sippy, but its not as comforting to him. Lucky for us, we never have to deal with weaning from the bottle like we did with big brother.

The best way to deal with nursing mishaps are explained here by the la leche league

If you really want to wean, do it gradually , it will be best for you and your baby. But please dont just weant because you are being preasured to! Many babies benefit from nursing well beyond one year old!

A helpful book may be The Nursing Mothers Guide to Weaning

Monday, October 10, 2011

giant baby sickies

The giant baby has caught whatever big brother and I brought home. Big brother still has the hacky cough that he seems to think he doesn't need medicine for. The giant baby has been FORCED to take meds today after the hour long crying, screaming, oh and the bitting while nursing! That was fun. Unfortunately my kids got MY grumpy sicky attitude when they don't feel good. The hubs has super powers and doesn't get sick, I hate it! So here we are today, forcing children to take meds to save our sanity. Fortunately the giant baby is well, giant, so we can give him some things that "normal" sized babies cant have. He has a hefty weight, which sucks when you are toting him around, but GREAT for these sorts of situations.

Do you give your kids medication, or are you a saint who is able to endure sick whiney children? ;)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Making baby legs

 Do you LOVE those cute baby legs but dont like the idea of shelling out $12 big ones for each pair?
I decided to try my hand at making my own pair and discovered a dual frugality!

I chose a knee high pair of socks for a longer fit on the giant baby. 
First cut the sock portion off the socks. Leaving some room for stitching.

Then, roll 1/4 inch of the right side of the sock UNDER twice, creating an area to stitch on. I practiced with the sock portion first.

I used a zigzag stitch for a little more give, although I was finding that because of the knit fabric it was stretching too much and ruffling.  Not as cute on a boy ;)  So I switched to a strait stitch half way through. 

A pair of socks for myself! And a pair of baby legs for the baby! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011