Tuesday, August 16, 2011

adventures with the giant baby

This is my take on the adventures with the giant baby. Please enjoy!

Somewhere along our adventures with the giant baby we (read mostly I) have decided to go progressively more and more hippie. Hippie is a strong word, but here in Olympia, WA, it fits! Call it what you will, green living, frugal, cheap, hippie kinda sums it up.

I have always been frugal, couponing to save money, shopping at second hand stores or discount stores to save money, etc. This summer I have taken my money saving to a new level.

WE (read mostly I) decided to cloth diaper at the beginning of the summer full time! My hubs was extremely hesitant, not really wanting to jump with two feet in if you know what I mean.

Along the way we (read WE) have grown to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, cloth diapering! WE have embraced the lifestyle whole heartedly.

Whereever I go I have found myself talking about cloth diapering, sharing information, sites, giving demonstrations, etc. With some thought, it made the most sense to start a blog devoted just to our new "hippie" lifestyle. This may include some other money saving techniques that pertain to cloth diapering, raising children and babies.


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