Wednesday, September 21, 2011

buh-bye line drying

Unfortunately, I live in Washington. As beautiful as this state is, we get rain. Im sure you've heard. We get A LOT of rain! I have a feeling today is the last day I will be able to dry our diapers outside. The weather *apparently* is supposed to be good today...ummm, well that's up for debate. It IS warm. But there is NO sun. Not here at least.

I want you to know there is hope. No not for our weather. It only gets worse from here. Soon we will be loosing power, A LOT. We kinda live in redneckwille and it happens a lot here. There is hope for drying your diapers, inside! Because I am the queen of making due with what you have and trying not to add a bunch of steps to my already busy life, I use what I can. Last night I hung covers on the laundry room cabinet doors to dry. This is pretty common for me. This drying method takes up the least amount of space in our obnoxiously disorganized and poorly constructed home. When the house isn't as warm I set up the small drying rack in the kitchen.

I don't recommend drying liners and inserts in the house, you might as well just use the dryer. Unless you are trying to save money on electricity and have enough to last you through the wait time.

I've seen great laundry rooms and basements with mini clothes lines. If you have the room and the resources this would be ideal.


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