Monday, October 10, 2011

giant baby sickies

The giant baby has caught whatever big brother and I brought home. Big brother still has the hacky cough that he seems to think he doesn't need medicine for. The giant baby has been FORCED to take meds today after the hour long crying, screaming, oh and the bitting while nursing! That was fun. Unfortunately my kids got MY grumpy sicky attitude when they don't feel good. The hubs has super powers and doesn't get sick, I hate it! So here we are today, forcing children to take meds to save our sanity. Fortunately the giant baby is well, giant, so we can give him some things that "normal" sized babies cant have. He has a hefty weight, which sucks when you are toting him around, but GREAT for these sorts of situations.

Do you give your kids medication, or are you a saint who is able to endure sick whiney children? ;)


Adrienne said...

T gets medicine....C is still to little. Both boys have the cough. And C has runny / stuffy nose. Breaks my heart that I cant give him meds.

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