Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Brother

Big Brother is 6 today!

6 years ago big brother was born, via c-section after 11 hours of labor. My doctor decided since I had only progressed to 4 cm, it wasnt fast enough. Big brother's heart rate was dipping with my contractions, so they decided it was time to deliver. I was not happy. In fact I freaked out and asked to be sedated. The doc did a light sedation and I was able to be awake, though I dont remember anything. Sadly. Big brother was a little blue when he was born and a little sleepy but was breathing on his own.

After I came to, we met for the first time. I was not sure if I would breastfeed, but I had been comited to trying it out. As soon as I held my baby I just knew it was meant to be.

He was a mama's boy from the start, fussing when other people tried to sooth him.
He has always been social, happy around people, hamming it up for strangers and church friends.
He is charming and persistant, this is great and not so good ;)
He knows what he wants and wont stop till he gets it! He has always been this way, from birth!
He is funny, sometimes when he's trying to be serious, most of the time when he's silly.
He has a lot of drama he just has to let out whether you like it or not.
He is sweet and caring.
He loves animals. All of them, except spiders.

I love my baby, no matter how big he is.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!


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