Monday, September 5, 2011

stuck on velcro

Velcro is great for sticking to stuff, and great for stuff sticking to IT.

No matter what you do, if you have Velcro or Aplix (heavy duty closure brand) stuff is going to stick to it. When stuff gets stuck in Velcro, it becomes less effective. The giant baby and Velcro don't really get along.  There are several diapers with Velcro that all he has to do is sit down hard and they pop open.  The more fuzzies that are stuck the more easily they pop.

Here are a few helpful hints about de-fuzzifying your Velcro that has become less than effective. 

The closure before. Not too bad, but like I said, the giant baby and Velcro don't get along ;)

I use a kitty comb here, but any old comb is just as good.  I like the finest tooth I can find so it really grabs all the little fuzzies.

The after. All clean!

 All the fuzzies!


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